The Shawnee Hills Police Department has created a space available for use by residents buying, selling or trading items from strangers. 


As part of a national effort to deter crimes that might occur during a transaction that began on-line, the Shawnee Hills Police Department is allowing the use of the visitor parking lot and station lobby by parties who are engaged in such transactions. 

The police visitor lot is open available 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. (40 W. Reindeer Drive)  Citizens DO NOT have to call first and, if they do, no appointment will be made.  All we ask is that all parties in the transaction remain civil and law-abiding.  We do recommend that you schedule your transactions between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm.

Police Role
Under normal circumstances there will be NO police intervention, documentation or witnessing to a transaction. However, should one of the parties request an officer, one will respond. Something else that citizens need to remember is that police cannot use the State computer system to run model numbers, serial numbers, etc. of items that are part of a private exchange. It is important to note however that items cannot be stored at the police department or in the parking lot.


Safety tips for conducting a transaction with an unknown buyer

•  Use a phone or camera to capture a photograph of the vehicle and license plate.

•  Only accept cash or a cashier’s check for sale. Personal checks have some risk; however, the buyer can contact the listed bank to verify that the buyer has an active account before closing the transaction.

•  Conduct sales during weekdays so banking or financial institutions can be contacted if there is a problem.


Please fill out the Police Contact form for any questions / concerns.