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January 12, 2017
State of the Village Address

Mayor Monahan gave the State of the Village Address at the Council meeting held on January 9, 2017.

The State of the Village is very good! I am extremely proud of what good people working together with your support have and can accomplish.

Due to Sound, financial practices we ended 2016 with $196,517.01 in unencumbered funds in our General Fund. We are not a bank and we owe you good services for your hard-earned tax money.

In 2016 we spent $165,000.00 on the street pavement project.

We hired a 4th full time Police Officer. This is in addition to our 4 to 6-part time and 12 to 15 Auxiliary officers.

Paid down early $154,000.00 on our sewer system loan (from year 2000). This allowed us to refinance the loan that will save the Village over $270,000.00 in interest over the life of the loan and will result in a $4 + dollar reduction in your monthly sewer bill.

We negotiated the trash and recycling service for the Village resulting in approximately a $9. Reduction in residents monthly billing. This was accomplished while extending at no additional cost a recycling program to all residents.

Built a pavilion in our Memorial park for your use = $22,000.00

In resolving a business code violation that resulted in the flooding of Glick Rd during heavy storms we spent $15,000.00 on re-directing the drainage once the business had rectified their part.

Safety is always our number 1 priority!

We have equipped our Police with body cameras and upgraded our cruiser dash cams. This protects both you and our Police. This upgrade cost $37,000.00

We had backup generators installed on both the Municipal building. and the Police building. We are now working on the plan to use the Municipal building as a heating and cooling center in the event of extended power loss to our residents.

We took delivery of a new replacement Police cruiser while reducing our monthly lease and providing the vehicle warranty.

I do want to thank all the people, Council, Administration, Boards, and Committees who with the strong support of our good residents and businesses helped make 2016 a great success!

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