O’Shaughnessy Reservoir

The City of Columbus owns approximately 425 acres of land around the O’Shaughnessy Reservoir. 

Much of this land is unmaintained in an effort to protect the water quality of the reservoir. However, there are several locations around the reservoir where public access is provided. These include two accesses north of the village at Twin Lakes Wildlife Reserve and off the eastern end of Harriott Drive. Other accesses are provided on either side of the dam and along Riverside Drive along the eastern edge of the wate

Columbus recently completed a series of projects along several area facilities, including the O’Shaughnessy, Hoover and Griggs reservoirs. The city spent $4.5 million in Federal stimulus funds to renovate parking lots, remove storm drains and plant trees and shrubs at 16 sites near city reservoirs. The work is intended to reduce pollutants that run off the parking lots into waterways during rain events. O’Shaughnessy improvements include new parking areas, a rain garden, an amphitheater serving also to drain stormwater, new trees, and picnic tables, all accomplished on land outside the Village. Glick Park is the final result, serving as an amenity available to Shawnee Hills residents.